Truthfullbites™ was founded in November, 2016. Our chef's dream began as a young culinary student at Le Cordon Bleu, Austin. After graduating, he managed several operations ranging from small fine dining restaurants to becoming the Senior Sous Chef for the American Airlines Center in Dallas. It was after many years of running other people's businesses and yearning to create something of my own that I put my plan into action.

Throughout my culinary career, I've always gotten the greatest pleasure out of creating the best possible food and sharing it with as many people as I can! It was only natural to show our Truthfullbites™ products the very same love! We decided to start our adventure in the beautiful Denver, Colorado.

Our entirely plant based protein concept combines all organic hemp hearts, organic lentils, organic oats & organic quinoa to deliver a wholesome multitude of nutrients that are 100% absorbed by your body! Each one of our HEMPurger & HEMP ”sausage” products nourishes you with high levels of soluble fiber, omega- 3, omega-6, and 15g of protein & our “sausages” have 5g! Also try our HEMPdress products, organic cold pressed hemp seed oil & organic sunflower oil vinaigrettes full of mind blowing flavor, and our custom line of seasonings, TRUTHspice. With your health in mind, we formulated every recipe to pamper and excite your taste buds!